Rogers Digital Cable

I just got my Rogers Digital Cable box and set it up within 5 minutes. First impressions? The selection of additional channels doesn't peak my interest. The only additional channel that I'm interested in so far is TechTV. The only additional features that I like are the on-screen guide and the fact that it's a universal remote, which is cool since my Sony remote is almost dead.

The digital box costs $8.95 per month, and the single TechTV channel would cost $2.50 per month. I can justify the cost of the channel but the box doesn't give me enough redeeming features for $9.00 a month. If the box had video on demand (PVR, Tivo, ReplayTV) then I could totally justify it, but VOD when it arrives will be extra. For now, no thanks. After my preview I think I'll shut it off unless the VOD is a great deal.