The Developer Hat

Recently our small team's development schedule was seriously slipping. Although the Mythical Man Month tells us adding resources doesn't make a project go faster I had enough product and domain knowledge to speed things up and start coding. It's been been almost a year since I've been coding as part of a project and since that time I've felt something missing from my work life. Coding helps to round out my daily routine and brings out a youthful memory.

I've always found a great deal of satisfaction in building things. As a child I found playing with wooden blocks or Lego to be far more facinating than pre-designed toys. When I received my first computer I quickly tired of the one game that came with it and started learning how to program my own simple games.

Software allows you the freedom to build because it's very accessible but also extremely open. Programmers can easily get themselves into muddled code because software is so free form but we love the flexibility it offers.

Managing software development generally precludes you from being too involved in the code but it's nice to dip your toes in the water from time to time.