Google Analytics - T Minus 12 and Holding

So at least I'm not alone in my wait for Google Analytics data to roll in. Tim Bray has reported seeing the message "Your first reports will be ready within twelve hours" and Stephen O'Grady isn't able to get Google Analytics to recognize that he's enabled tracking on his site. It's now been almost 48 hours since I was able to activate my account and it recognized that I had started to send data it's way.

I would imagine that it's quite a big queue given the amount of attention the new service received. It's interesting to note that a recent post on Digg of Google Base being officially launched today caused my requests to the server to result in a 500 error. I wonder if Google's resources are now starting to be stretched a bit thin such that they can't quite seem to keep up with our voracious demand for these new products.

I'm curious to compare the data Analytics will spit out versus my local package. I'm not sure if you can gleam search engine data from this as spider's probably won't execute the Javascript code to make the call.

T-Minus 12 hours and holding!

Update: Stats! Presumably the numbers aren't matching my local stats due to the RSS feeds but it's quite disparate. I'll have to perform a calculation to see what the differences are between RSS requests and page requests.