Check in the Source, Not the Output

David Walendis searching for a place to store his Javadocs. One of the questions that most people ask is "Should I store my Javadocs in CVS?" My answer? Don't. CVS as Dave essentially concludes is for source code. It's power is in the fact that it tracks differences between versions of each file and can mark sets of files for release or branches.

All your Javadocs and class files should be constructed after you have checked out the source from CVS and have run a build either for the entire project or specifically for class files or Javadoc files.

If you need to make a release of your compiled code or your Javadocs available then make a proper release, either in unpacked format on a website or within a zipped package for you end user. Same goes for end release jar files and war files. Only check in binaries like jars if the code relies upon it at compilation time.

It's nice to have all your files in a central storage location but lets not cram everything in just because we can.