Flash Text Editor 1.2

Version 1.2 of my Flash Text Editor is available. Numerous additions have been made including backend support for browsers that don't support JavaScript communication with Flash and a totally redone export routine. I'll be the first to admit that the import and export code is getting out of hand and is not a great example of my typical work. Hopefully over the next two versions I'll be able to produce something much more readable. Flash is totally pass by value so my parsing needs to get a bit more creative.

Some may notice the text selection to be a bit wonky. I'm still wrestling with Flash to get the interface behaviour down pat. If anyone can discern a better algorithm please let me know. I've had a few suggestions and submissions but each implementation had certain flaws that I wasn't happy with. This version has the best behaviour yet and I will continue to try and improve it.

Please play with it and let me know if something is amuck. If you have a solution to the issues listed by all means, fire it off to me.

A special thanks on this one to Anthony Hunt who provided assistance and example code for backend communications.