Police confirm sniper's 11th victim

Globe and Mail: Police confirm sniper's 11th victim

George Bush is quoted as saying "The idea of moms taking their kids to school and sheltering them from a potential sniper attack is not the America that I know"

I did some quick statistical research after I read this.

In the U.S., there were 28,874 deaths related to firearms in 1999 (crude rate of 10.59) and 30,708 deaths in 1998. The population was 272,690,813 and 270,248,003 respectively. That also means in 1999 there were on average 79 related firearms deaths per day. Source - CDC Website

In Canada we had 1037 firearms related deaths in 1997 with a population of 29,987,200 (crude rate of 3.5). An average of 3 firearms related deaths a day. Source - Canadian Firearms Centre