Weblogs Going Mainstream

Like most techies, we sing the praises of new items and new ideas and loathe when those ideas become mainstream. They seem to lose that elite quality that made them special. The Internet itself is a prime example. When people would ask me "What's the Internet?" or "What's the Web?" I would revel in the chance to explain what it was and felt quite a sense of pride at my unique knowledge. We knew that it was on it's way to becoming mainstream. When that day finally arrived it was bittersweet.

Web logs are travelling down the same path, as well they should. Links in the Daypop Top 40 point to three articles from large circulation publications explaining weblogs. Wired - The Blogging Revolution, Business 2.0 - Blog Nation and MSNBC - Business pros flock to Weblogs.

I wasn't at the head of the weblog pack, but I did create my own from scratch and I feel a certain sense of elitisim when people ask "What's a weblog?". I know however, that I'm going to loathe the day when people will just view weblogs as a natural option for contributing to the web and say, "Since when have you had a weblog?". In the end it's just a form of publishing folks. So I need to get over myself.