Rogers now carrying Treo

Rogers is now carrying the Treo. Now I'm hard pressed between the Treo and the RIM. It has all the same features as a RIM, GSM/GPRS as well. But it's got some more features as well. 16MB of memory, runs Palm apps, has stylus in addition to keyboard (no graffiti input with keyboard though, as there's no room to write), handsfree, regular phone, and speaker phone. Probably a lot of little differences as well. The biggest shock though is the sticker price. $850. Ouch. I don't think I'll be buying either of them soon. Check out this review by Dan Bricklin. Rogers isn't listing the new Blackberry yet so I'm not sure exactly how much it will cost. Probably similar but slightly less than the Treo.
Update: The Treo will support GRPS with a software upgrade. Note to Treo: GPRS is here. Make it available already. I've used a Blackberry 5810 over GPRS in Toronto so perhaps Rogers is holding off on deploying them officially until it's fully tested and scalable.