Who actually wants 3G?

Evan pointed out that 3G appears to be something that 3G proponents want and not consumers. "For what? Not video conferencing, but to watch stuff that his "creative people" would be creating. That's just what "consumers" want, right? To watch a movie on their 3" phone screen with its bitchin' sound system."

I can't even get a decent video conference going with NetMeeting through a NAT at either end without playing with various gateway settings at either end. I thought H.323 was supposed to make this stuff an easy to use standard? We still have a long way to go.

Evan made another good point that I've been pondering as well. By the time 3G actually does arrive, we may have enough 802.11 coverage to make it obsolete. The problem as I see it is that 802.11 doesn't operate like a cell. If I were to move from one transmitter to another the connection would have to be reset as my IP and routing information would all change. So 3G has some advantages still.