Most of us are Sheep

Several bloggers have been referencing Microsoft's new Digital rights management operating system patent. This patent describe digital rights management baked into the operating system allowing only trusted apps to control media. This means that in future versions of Windows only "trusted apps" or applications certified by Microsoft can handle rights-managed data.

I really need to make a push towards using Linux in a desktop environment unless I'm going to follow the rest of the crowd and simply use whatever MS throws in front of me. I still use Windows as the following applications have me tethered to Windows; Photoshop, Illustrator, SoundForge. There are a few others but I can live without them. I hate having to make choices based on principal rather than technical merrit but hey, I don't always like to follow the crowd.

Dan Gillmour put it best recently. Most people are sheep, it turns out. They take what's put in front of them. Amen brother!

Linux is still not a viable alternative for the Windows consumer. Lots of work must be done before Linux is even remotely usable as Windows. That's an entire rant of it's own - stay tuned.