Google 20 year USENET Archive

Once again, Dave Winer has provided me with an awesome link. Google has just released their 20 Year Usenet Archive. For those who love Internet history, they have highlighted some great moments from the first posting about AIDs to Linus Torvald's announcement of Linux. Enjoy!

Wired has an article on Google's groups as well. Another fun thing to try if you ever posted is to perform a search on your name. I've found multiple posts regarding questions on databases, viruses, server side programming, photoshop and weightlifting that I posed, comments on HTML copywright, answers to HTML formatting, CGI scripts, Windows 3.1 Winsock (ouch!) and falling victim to a chain thread in the early days. The list goes on and on! I had no idea I posted to USENET so much. By searching for "Michael Glenn" uwo , I found 252 hits. All so far, appear to be mine. Now I know why I receive so much spam.